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- 14.07.2014 - AUSTRIAN SYMPHONIC WIND ORCHESTRAS IS COMING TO SAMOSIR ISLAND Tyrol is a province in Austria which has a multi-national history. It is located in the heart of the Alps, between Italy and Germany. Geographically Tyrol is quite similar to the mountainous Samosir island in Sumatra, one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia.   One of the most popular musicians in Tyrol is Hermann Delago. He is well known in Austria but also around Europe as well as in Indonesia. Hermann Delago is a great composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist as well as an experienced conductor.   In 1995 Herman Delago travelled to Indonesia for the first time and was fascinated by variety of interesting cultures and music. His journey started in Bali and not long after he arrived at Lake Toba/Samosir island.  
- 04.01.2014 - Telephone and Internet connection/WIFI are back Dear Costumer, It was nearly two months that we were not reachable through our phone lines . Now we are happy to inform you, that our phone lines and Our Internet connection / WIFI are back to normal. Enjoy Our FREE WIFI services, while your staying in our resort . HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014
- 11.10.2013 - Telephone and Internet conection are breakdown in Tuk Tuk area Dear Customers, Due to the Telephone cable are beeing damage in the area of Tuk Tuk, the tourism centre of Samosir Island. All the telephone line and internet, in our hotel, is not reachable.

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Samosir Villa Resort - Samosir Cottages Management and all the staff, wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.

In order to give more satisfaction to you all our guest, We keep trying to develop our resort every year,by setting up a new facilities, new building and better services. Your satisfaction is our succes. Therefore end of this year , we are happy to introduce  you our new addition of rooms, and new swimming pool, as a second pool in our  resort.


We realize our  services are still far from your expectation, therefore please feel  free to contact us and give your feedback. We would be very happy to hear, by the time you leave from Lake Toba, you will then bringing a nice memory to your home town.


New photos of our  new facilties









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