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- 14.07.2014 - AUSTRIAN SYMPHONIC WIND ORCHESTRAS IS COMING TO SAMOSIR ISLAND Tyrol is a province in Austria which has a multi-national history. It is located in the heart of the Alps, between Italy and Germany. Geographically Tyrol is quite similar to the mountainous Samosir island in Sumatra, one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia.   One of the most popular musicians in Tyrol is Hermann Delago. He is well known in Austria but also around Europe as well as in Indonesia. Hermann Delago is a great composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist as well as an experienced conductor.   In 1995 Herman Delago travelled to Indonesia for the first time and was fascinated by variety of interesting cultures and music. His journey started in Bali and not long after he arrived at Lake Toba/Samosir island.  
- 04.01.2014 - Telephone and Internet connection/WIFI are back Dear Costumer, It was nearly two months that we were not reachable through our phone lines . Now we are happy to inform you, that our phone lines and Our Internet connection / WIFI are back to normal. Enjoy Our FREE WIFI services, while your staying in our resort . HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014
- 11.10.2013 - Telephone and Internet conection are breakdown in Tuk Tuk area Dear Customers, Due to the Telephone cable are beeing damage in the area of Tuk Tuk, the tourism centre of Samosir Island. All the telephone line and internet, in our hotel, is not reachable.

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Monday, 25 March 2013

New Facility at Villa resort


Lake Toba is one of the awesome natural wonders of the world. This is a crater lake so enormous it has an island almost the size of Singapore in its centre. At over 1,145 square kilometers, and a depth of 450 meters, Lake Toba is actually more like an ocean. This is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and the deepest lake in the world.

Toba is a place to come and sit back, relax and absorb some beautiful pristine scenery. As you sit and take in the view of the picturesque mountains set against the cool clear lake, you will feel the worries of the world melt away. As the lake sits 900 meters above sea level there is a cooler climate here making a refreshing break from the heat, humidity and pollution of the city.


Lake Toba as well as Samosir island has became one of the popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Event though the promotion of the area is still done much by individually of any stakeholder in the area.

Samosir Villa Resort, is a new resort located right beside of the Lake Toba, in Tuk Tuk. Owned by the local person. Since the resort is build, there are so many new improvements, new facilities, and new more rooms . All this is done with the purpose to provide more comfort for every guest who comes to Lake Toba and stay at our resort. And we also appreciate all the input from all of our guests to further improve the facilities and services

Therefore since we have all this  facilites ;

-          Bar and restaurant with varieties of cocktail and food

-          2 swimming pools

-          Free wifi

-          Gajebo ( where you can sit and relax and enjoying the fantastic view over the lake

-          Fitness room

-          Meeting room

-          telephone &TV in each  room


We are adding new facility to the rooms, which is Air Condition. Actually, looking at the temperature that we have in Lake Toba –  Samosir Island, AC is not really need, but due to the request of our quest in the last years, and willing to satisfied all our guest, we are trying to give you more comfort. Even though still some of the rooms has AC, 1 Deluxe and 6 VIP rooms.


When you make a reservation, , please give your personal request, with AC.


Since the presence of this resort , Samosir Island has given you more choice to stay during your trip to Lake Toba.


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